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labyrinth history quotationLabyrinths have a fascinating history, with evidence of their use around the globe since ancient times.

The labyrinth may not have originated here, but was cherished across the ancient Celtic lands. This form of sacred geometry has been created and used since ancient times, and is found in cultures around the world. The earliest know labyrinths appear on coins from ancient Crete; similar designs are also found in Native American and Scandinavian culture. The Romans incorporated decorative labyrinth designs into their mosaics, and many European medieval churches and cathedrals include pavement labyrinths, which were walked as a form of pilgrimage. Contemporary labyrinth design draws upon and adapts established traditions and is often also inspired by Nature to create new, unusual organic forms.

robert graves labyrinth quotation It is not surprising that there is currently a resurgence of interest in labyrinths. Humanity is facing important challenges and it seems like it has never been more import to better understand ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in. Labyrinths have the potential to inspire individuals and communities, to enhance landscapes and to facilitate personal growth and development.

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